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a few words about us

William Sod Farm, Landscape and Grading Inc. is a fully insured, bonded N.C. licensed landscape contractor, N.C. licensed ground pesticide applicator, as well as a professional licensed sod producer in N.C. celebrating over 35 years in the landscape construction business.

What makes us unique is the fact that we grow our own sod and landscape ornamentals on our many farms located throughout the tri-county area in NC. We are the only company that can offer you the complete package, and remember, when you buy direct from the grower you save! We offer rough and final grading as well as sod installation and landscaping with Centipede sod cut fresh from our farms directly to you.


Make a sketch of your lot and then measure the area you wish to sod. Calculate the square feet of sod needed (length in feet x width in feet) then divide by 9 to convert to square yards. If you need help just call us: 252-637-5883

watering sod

It is essential to begin watering new turf grass sod within a half hour after it is laid on the soil. Apply at least 1in (2.5cm) of water so that the soil beneath the turd is very wet. Ideally the soil 3 to 4 inches (7 to 10 cm) below the surface will be moist.

Shrub Maintenance

We recommend a root starter solution for newly planted shrubs and trees. This encourages root growth and aids in transplant shock especially for field grown or bare root ornamentals. Also summer heat can stress out newly planted shrubs. 

Maintaining Centipede Lawn

Once your lawn is established, fertilize and water only as necessary to maintain a turf tight enough to resist weed invasion and to keep the grass in a healthy condition so that it is producing adequate growth for a fresh, neat appearance.

Make a sketch of your lot and then measure with a tape or wheel the area you wish to sod. Measure the length in feet. Measure the width in feet. Multiply this together and then divide that total by 9. This will tell you how many square yards you will need.

Why Centipede Grass?

Originally introduced from China in seed form, Centipede grass has set the standard for low maintenance lawn grasses since the early 1950’s. This medium green, medium width leaved turf grass is commonly used in home lawns, commercial landscapes and road sides in the Southern U.S. and in warm climates around the world.

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