How To Calculate The Amount Of Sod You Need

Make a sketch of your lot and then measure with a tape or wheel the area you wish to sod. Measure the length in feet. Measure the width in feet. Multiply this together and then divide that total by 9. This will tell you how many square yards you will need. If you need help just call! Try and square everything in your measurements even around a bed area or around a sidewalk as that will help when allowing for trim work. It is critical to properly prepare the ground first before ordering sod because prompt instillation on the day of delivery is crucial to a strong beginning for your lawn.

We cut our sod on the day of pick up or delivery. We cut our sod in 16” by 27” long slabs. Three of these sections equals a square yard. The thickness runs 1” to 1 ½ “, of which about ½ is soil and the remainder is grass. We put 50 square yards on a pallet which will cover 450 square feet. Sod is sold by the pallet or half pallet. Delivery is available. Call 24 hours ahead for your order. Solid strips of sod can be installed year-round which includes winter when sod is dormant. Plugging is not recommended in winter because the plugs are small and harsh winter winds may freeze small plugs.

We cut large rolls for our sod installations. We use a heavy roller to insure good root to ground contact to smooth out any bumps in the sod. This is what gives our sod the professional look that is desired.

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