Shrub Maintenance

Maintaining Your Shrubs

We would like to thank you for choosing Williams Sod Farm for your lawn and shrub installation. Here is a list of tips and pointers for keeping your landscape green and growing:

We recommend a root starter solution for newly planted shrubs and trees. This encourages root growth and aids in transplant shock especially for field grown or bare root ornamentals. Also summer heat can stress out newly planted shrubs. 

Do not forget to water!! Rain is fine if it is a deep soaking all day rain and or it is winter and the temperature is cool. In summer some plants may require frequent watering depending on soil types and temperatures. Check the soil, put your finger in the soil and check to see if it is dry.

We recommend a slow release fertilizer with micro-nutrients (2-3 month) for shrubs. An 18-6-12 is a good one to try. Fertilize twice a year only using the recommended rate around the first of April and then again around the first of August. Lawns we recommend 15-0-15 slow release with iron. Stay away from high ammonial nitrogen fertilizers (whose first number are higher than 15). Apply once a year after the 3rd or 4th mowing. Common mistakes folks make are fertilizing too early and using too much. Read the bag and check the rate. 

A light hair cut once a year may be all your shrubs require to keep them lush and full looking. Avoid this in late August and September as new growth may get burnt with an early frost. Azaleas are best pruned after they bloom. Crepe Myrtles best in early February. Most shrubs are best pruned in spring. Ask us about your personal shrub care. 

Keep bed areas well mulched as it helps to insulate shrubs against harsh winter cold, and keeps moisture in the ground in the harsh summer heat. Weeds in bed areas use Round Up for post emergence, and a granular pre-emergent such as Preen is great for preventing weeds from germinating. Winterize your lawn and shrubs with a good “winterizer” fertilizer that is again no higher than 15 in nitrogen.

The most important thing to remember is we are just a phone call away and we have many years in the lawn and garden industry. Trouble shooting is what we do best. Besides, we want your lawn and landscape to continue to look good because it makes us look good!! Happy gardening!!

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