The Forgotten Backyard

Have you ever noticed how many new homes are sodded in the front yard and just seeded or just let go to weeds in the back yard?? Did you know there is an easy and economical fix to that?

Most home buyers focus on the “house” itself. The finished (sodded) look in the front of the house is all that may be required by lenders. Many builders seed the side and back yard with quick germinating temporary grasses. These grasses will provide a quick green cover, but this is only a temporary condition.

The Solution

Finish your backyard with the same turf grass variety (which is usually centipede), care and attention that went into the front yard. A completed “Lifetime Backyard” will do a number of things:

CONTROL EROSION- prevent the back yard from washing into your front yard, your neighbor’s yard or nearby ditches.
ELIMINATE THE MUD- protect your brand new beautiful carpet from being ruined. Reduce the amount of mud being tracked in doors by the kids and the pets. What use is your back yard any way if you or your family can’t enjoy it for play, pets and cook outs?
GIVE THE LANDSCAPE A FINISHED LOOK- bring the back yard up to standard with the front yard.
COMPLETED LAWNS ARE CHEAPER TO MAINTAIN- temporary grasses must be replanted yearly. Centipede is a permanent lawn.
SIMPLIFIED LAWN CARE- having the same grass in the front yard as well as back yard allows for the implementation of a single lawn care maintenance program.

Now-having the same grass in front and back is both practical and most importantly economical! Williams converts many back yards into the same beauty as the front yard. If it’s been properly graded and you haven’t had any wash outs or mud slides, we come in and spray Round-Up on the existing vegetation. We ask you to mow it down as close as you can the next day. We come in and finish the trim work for you and install your sod. It’s that easy!! No more battle with the weeds and no more seeding every year. It’s permanent, and best of all it’s done!! Just give us a call! Chances are we installed your front yard originally.


1. Guaranteed Results!! With Williams Sod Farm you don’t have to worry whether your lawn will grow or whether it will look patchy or be choked by weeds. Williams Sod Farm guarantees your sod is fully mature when installed and virtually weed and pest free. We also guarantee it to remain healthy (if properly maintained) for 30 days.
2. Instant satisfaction and appeal. Unlike sowing seed, with Williams Sod Farm you don’t have to wait and wonder about what you’ll end up with after hours of seeding and strawing. Dense, rich, fully mature sod versus splotchy, weedy and muddy areas in your landscape. Depending on the amount to be installed, generally it takes only a matter of hours to get it done.
3. Less work means more time for you to enjoy your lawn. When you start out with a fully mature lawn, the hardest part is already done. No more reseeding week after week, repairing wash outs from rain, tracking mud inside or wondering what new weed will sprout up day after day. Your new lawn will require only routine maintenance like watering and mowing.
4. Quality guaranteed!! Williams Sod Farm cuts sod fresh daily, after an order is placed, not before, to ensure delivery within 24 hours of harvest.

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