Why Centipede Grass?

Originally introduced from China in seed form, Centipede grass has set the standard for low maintenance lawn grasses since the early 1950’s. This medium green, medium width leaved turf grass is commonly used in home lawns, commercial landscapes and road sides in the Southern U.S. and in warm climates around the world.

Lowest Maintenance requirements of all lawn grasses
Attractive green color
Excellent winter tolerance in the middle and deep south
Mows easily and less frequently with either reel or rotary mower
Recovers quickly from drought
Aggressive establishment from sod
Lowest fertility requirements of any fine turf grass

Low maintenance requirements such as minimal fertilization and infrequent mowing make centipede the grass of choice for the South. For both residential and commercial uses, Williams Sod Farm, is one of the oldest producers of Centipede sod. This is our 30th year Anniversary!

While building costs have gone up, sod prices have come down. In most areas sod can be bought like carpet, thus producing an instant lawn.

Williams Sod Farms harvests the sod in 16’ by 27” long sections. Three of these sections equal a square yard. The thickness runs from 1” to 1 ½ “, of which about ½ is soil with the remainder being grass. 50 yards are put on a pallet. This will cover 450 square feet. Delivery is available as well as pick up. Schedule delivery or pick up only after you have done the ground preparation and are ready for install. We cut the sod fresh daily per order, please allow us a 24-hour notice. Solid sodding is done year-round. We harvest sod in big rolls for our installs. “Like Us” on Facebook to receive seasonal updates, tips and trouble-shooting!!!

Sprigging and Plugging

This is best when you do this in the spring or summer, as in the winter the harsh cold winds can freeze the tiny plugs. One square yard of sod can produce hundreds of plugs depending of coarse on the size of the plugs. It is a slow and laborious process.

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